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From the Greer hills of Kentucky – 3

March 27, 2013

Part 1 : here

Part 2 : here


They finally show up and im out of there with my army bag. They live in a really nice appartment complex in a good neighborhood. They held me find a good job. I have a new name, a new I.D. and all is going well.

Then one Friday night after a hard weeks work i go to a local bar for a few beers and this want a be pimp tries to sell this very young girl to me for $20 she could not have been more than 15 years old. I tell the pimp lets go out back and talk it over when we get out back of the bar i beat the crap out of him and leave him laying in the dirt. I go back inside and tell the young girl that her pimp got a phone call and told me to tell her too go home that he had to go take care of something. I go to another bar just across the street where i get very drunk and black out.

I wake up the next morning in a jail cell they tell me that i walked into some guys home and while he was asleep in bed beat him up pretty bad. None of this do i remember. They tell me im being charged for aggravated battery and armed burglery. They tell me they know my real name and that im wanted for escape, Parole violation and stealing a car in Kentucky. On top of that, they question me about a rape of a 49 year old woman at a 7-11 store just down the street from the appartment where i was living with those friends from Kentucky. They ask me if i would agree to give blood and sperm samples. I do so because i knew i had not rapped anyone. So they give me a old porn magazine and a cup i give them a sperm sample in the cup. Then they take me to a hospital where they take blood samples.

Then they take me to the main jail where im booked i end up pleading guilty to 17 years for beating up that man while he was asleep in his bed. They send me to prison and about one year after they took the blood and sperm samples they come to the prison and get me and take me back to the county jail where they book me for rape and kiddnaping. They inform me they got a DNA match of 1 in 26000 which is a very low number in 1989. I know there must be some sort of misstake and im not really worried especially after reading the police reports and statements made by the Rape victim and other wittnesses. The Lady who was rapped tells the Police the man had a New York accent that he was 5 Foot 7 inches tall 150 or 160 pounds. My accent is very southern and could never be misstaken for one from New York. Im 6 foot 1 inches tall and i weighed about 200 pounds.

Just before the trial is about to start the Judge calls me up to the stand and ask me if we can make some sort of Plea agreement. He offers me 17 years to run with the 12 that i allready had which would meen doing no more time that i allready have. But i refuse to plead guilty to such a ugly crime that i did not do and be labeled a rappest for the rest of my life. This pisses the judge off. At the Trial the Nurse who did the Rape kite on the victim told the jury that the victim told her it was a black man who rapped her. The scientist who did the DNA test told the jury that i have a special blood type and it would be unfair to use this test to convict me. She allso told them that it had been some problems with defferant stages of the test and some had to be reported several times. Then there were the mistake items from the evidence bags that were collected at the crime scene. One evidence bag had the broken remains of a glass but nothing else nor any record of what had been in the glass. There were many other things that took place during the trial that prevented me from getting a fair trial and even with all the evidence in my favor the Jury still found me guilty and because i refused the Plea offer from the judge he gives me the max on all counts which ended up being 3 natural life sentence.

I spend the next 10 years selling Pot in prison so i can pay the inmate law clerks to help me get a new trial on appeal. I had just filed my federal appeal when the Florida suprem Court changed the Law on how DNA Evidence is presented at trial. 3 new cases come out right after the change granting New Trials in all 3 cases. So i amend my Federal appeal and add this change in the Law on DNA and list the 3 New Trials case names and its a 90% sure chances that i will allso get a new trial. After waiting about a year with no response i write the Court and ask about my case. The judge writes back telling me my case was denied and closed over a year ago. But i never got any type of notice from the court when they denied my appeal and the Law clerks tell me in procedurally bared from appealing my case any highes up basically that im screewed and there is nothing i can file to do anything about it.

Shortly after all this sometime in Dec. of 1998 my locker in broker into and $500 in cash that i had hidden away to hopefully pay one of the Law clerks to find some way to get my case back in court is stolen. 2 days later while making a drug pick up 2 inmates attempt to rob me. I defend myself and end up killing one of the would be robbers who happens to be the same inmate who broke into my cell and stole the $500 cash 2 days before.

Im sent to Death Row for this where i have been since July 2000. All my appeals have been denied and unless i can find some New Evidence to file a new appeal it is only a matter of time before my Death warrant is signed and im executed. What i need is a New Lawyer and good inverstagator.


From → Life in Prison

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