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March 17, 2013
Death Row in an American Priso

Death Row in an American Prison


What does it say about a society that is well aware of how corrupt and unfair the legal system is in this country – especially to the Poor and Mentally ill – but still allows someone to be sentenced to Death, who is then put in a prison cage where he or she is treated like some type of animal and is torrmented and physically and emotionally abused by prison guards for the next 10 to 15 years while the condemned waits for the appeal process to run its course?


Many chose not to beleave this is happening and look the other way. But many others are fully aware of these condemned are being abused and are ok with it.

And its not just one or two prisons that this is taking place in. Its happening in allmost every state in this country, when a person is sentenced to Death for a crime losing there life is payment for that crime.

So would you not agree that by being placed in a cage for 15 years while being abused by prison guards while the person waits to be executed is a second punishment on top of losing there life?

I agree that many deserve to lose there life for the crimes they have committed. But i do not agree they should be abused while they wait to be executed.


I have lived in one of these cages for the past 12 years and tell you no man should be treated in this way and then executed. If you have the guts and really want to know if this is all true just open your eyes and take a look.

 So i ask you again what does it say about our society that allows this to keep taking place ?

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