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From the Greer hills of Kentucky – 1

January 30, 2013
24 Years Old, just getting out of Kentucky Prison, 1986

24 Years Old, just getting out of Kentucky Prison, 1986

To a dark cell on Floridas Death Row,


Its July of 1989 and im in the Taylor County Jail in my hometown of Cambellsuille Kentucky. Im waiting to be sent back to prison for a Parole Violation from getting arrested for Drinking in Public. My cousins Brian and Rex Garrett are also waiting to be sent back to prison and we get the bright idea to escape The Jailer on the midnight shift happens to be a old drinking buddy of mine. So when he makes his rounds at I am I tell him we need the mop and mop bucket because the shower was flooding out which it always did. He tells me he will get it for us on his next round because he dosent have the keys to open the cell clack door.

So when he comes back around at 2 a.m., me and my cousins are waiting and when he opens the door to push the mop bucket in we all step through the door into the hallway, he realizes what taking place and sees there is no point in resisting because there are 3 of us and only one of him. He does try to talk us out of it saying “boys your making a big mistake”. I tell him “yes we know but we have things to take care of before we get sent to prison. We tell him to walk around the corner and get in one of the two holding cells thats not in the main cell black which he does and we lock him in one of those two cells. I tell him to give me his car keys which he does and tells me “Allen, me and you have been riding them back roads on Sundays for a long time and that old car aint much but Its all i have so dont wreck it. When you get out in the hills, just park it somewhere and leave it”. He says it dont have much gas in it and offers money for gas but i refuse his money, we have money of our own for gas.

We are about to take off and head down the steps when he calls me back and tosses a ring full of keys and says “all them doors downstairs are locked”. Now he was allready locked inside that cell and there is no way we could have gotten to him. So if he had just kept all those keys and not said anything about the doors downstairs being locked we would not have been able to get out of the courthouse downstairs. He says “good luck boys” and we head down the steps and at the bottom of the steps is a young female Jailer washing dishes in the sink she thinks at first that we were coming from the main courthouse but break and becomes very scared. I tell her we are not going to hurt her but we need her to get in one of the female cells that just around the corner. The poor thing was scared to death and because the light was off in that cell she kept asking us to turn on the light which i do and we lock her in one of those cells. Now we head toward the back door of the Jail which is locked and while im tring to find the right key that female Jailer starts screaming out the cell window for help. So my cousin Rex runs down the hallway and tells her to stop that orhe would come in there and gag her so she stops. I finally find the right key and we  are out back of the jail where the jailers park there cars. Our hearts are raceing like I said the jail is part of the court house and is in the very center of town. The City police station is just across the street. We pile in the jailers old car, I get it started and start to back out onto the street and there is a cop car coming up the street toward us so I pull back into the driveway and let him pass he pulls up to the red light and stops and I ease right back out onto the street just like nothing is wrong and go the opposite way the cop cap is headed. We make a clear get away but seeing that cop car coming right at us took ten years off my life.

We drive about 20 miles away to the next country over and hide the jailers old car deep in a big apple orchard close the where I have a old girlfriend. Its about 3 a.m. at this point and let me tell you there are no words to describe how good it felt to be free and out in the cool night air out of that hot jail. It seemed the stars in the sky were brighter and more clear than I had ever seen them before it was so quiet. After all these years I can still clearly remember how it felt. So we leave the car there and walk through some cow pastures for about a mile to my old girlfriends house we wake her up and she lets her son in law drive her car to take us to a hunting camp owned by some rich city pepole who only stayed there on the weekends during hunting season. He dropped us off at the end of a old gravel Road and we walked about 2 miles to get to the hunting camp which was a couple of old trailers next to a large lake. The trailers were stocked with canned food and fishing gear and beer and wiskey. So we hung around for a few days drinking beer and eating canned sardines and swiming in the lake giving time for the heat to surt of die down.

We take off down the valley going throug the woods until we are up on a hilloverlooking my step moms house thats were i had been living before getting put in Jail. I knew she allways went to town everyday about noon so when we see her truck going down the dirt road we go down to her house. First we cook up some bacon and eggs then my cousins call there girlfriends and tell them to bring a case of beer and to meet them at the end of the dirt road around dark. I gather up my sleeping baag a small tent and some camping gear and food and head back up the hill to a spot where you can see from one end of the valley to the other.

We wait up there untill about a hour before night fall thats were i say good by to my cousins. They head down the hill to meet there girlfriends they are allmost to the meeting spot when i see there girlfrieds truck coming up the dirt road but right on there tale is a black four wheel drive truck that belongs to the sheriffs office. My cousins see this also and start running for the hills. Im way up the side of a mountain safley hidden in some brush and watch as the girls are handcuffed and taken away. I watch closely to make sure all the cops leave then wher its dark i go back to my step moms house who is back from town by now.


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